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Holidays at our Organic Farm

The Bergerhof is a working organic farm.

The Bergerhof is home to our animals. Come and say hello to our cows, calves, pigs, cats and to our chicken.

From October until May, our cows are "at home" in their stable at the Bergerhof. During this time, our animals enjoy guests paying them a visit in the stables.

During the summer months, our cows are usually spend their summers up at the alpine pastures in the Dorfer Valley.

The calves spend a little more time up at the alpine pastures. From mid-July through mid-September, they stay at the alpine pasture "Tschampedel". It is located just below the “Blauspitze” mountain peak.

Our little guests will be able to go on many more exciting adventures. In front of our house, there is a great children's playground with swings, slides and a sandpit. As a family-friendly accommodation, our location allows children to safely explore & move about freely at the farm. Whether it's playing hide & seek, catch, badminton, soccer or jumping with the skipping rope, there is plenty of fun to be had at the Bergerhof!


Pay us a visit and experience a truly memorable holiday at our organic farm.




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