Holiday at the organic farm

The Bergerhof is a organic farm.
Our animals are cows, calves, pigs, cats and shepherd dog "Kira".

From October through May, our cows are "at home" in their stable. During this time, our animals will be happy if you pay them a visit in the stable.
In the summer months, our cows are usually in Alpine pastures in the Dorfer Valley. A highlight is the visit to the calves. Once a week, we take the children onto the Alpine pastures village valley.

The calves spend a little more time in the Alpine pastures. From mid-July through mid-September, they stay in the Alpine pasture "Tschampedel". It is located just below the “Blauspitze”.

However, our little guests will be able to go on many more adventures than just meeting the animals. In front of our house, there is a great children's playground with swings, slides and a sandpit. The specialty about our location is that the children are safe to move freely around the house. Whether it's "hiding", "Dawischele", badminton, soccer or jumping with the skipping rode, there is no chance of getting bored!

Pay us a visit and experience an unforgettable holiday at the organic farm.